Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Unusual Wedding Themes

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Unusual wedding themes
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Themed marriage ceremonies have steadily increased during the last decade, according to a wedding planning group. We've gathered five of the most popular ideas, from Star Trek to Elvis.

Star Trek: Nancy Kerr and Kyle Sessions (pictured) renewed their vows at San Jose's Tech Museum's "Star Trek: The Exhibition," which closed soon after their April wedding. Like the venue and costumes, the vows had a hint of the theme:

"Do you promise to honor her and her commitment to the integrity of her mission?" Rev. Rabbit Matthews asked Sessions, 27. "Do you promise to uphold the sacraments of marriage as described in Starfleet regulations, including cohabitation of quarters, equal division of domestic labor and loyalty to one's commander and crew?"

Before it closed, a Las Vegas venue hosted the ultimate in Vulcan vows. Don't set your phasers to stun just yet -- you can easily replicate something stellar in your own backyard. (What other famous space saga is a marrying favorite?)

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