Sunday, December 20, 2015

2016 Wedding And Event Blog Denver

2016 will mean a much more active blog presence for JR Productions DJ. Original weekly articles covering many aspects of Special Event Planning from the perspective of a professional MC/DJ will give you a lot to think about when planning details or hiring vendors for your special event.

You may have a clear vision for your event but are you aware of the many pitfalls and common mistakes that could be likely to sabotage your best laid plans? Chances are that you have not done a great deal of event planning yourself, why not consider the professional opinion of somebody with a lot of experience?

After all, isn't experience what you are really paying for when you hire a professional? There is a lot more to any job than just having the neccessary equipment, tools and/or materials. Those things can be rented, borrowed or bought. True experience and proficiency only comes from doing something many times while striving to make constant improvements.

This blog will be an invitation to learn from my experience and in that process help you plan and execute better special events.

Jason D. Rogers
JR Productions DJ

Saturday, April 18, 2015

A Video Is Worth A Million Words! 2015

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It is VERY rare that I get to see other DJ's in action. I watch photographers, planners, videographers, caterers and venue staff at work and in action all the time. Getting to see another DJ in action is very rare for me. In the industry we do have conventions and trade publications which provide us with ideas and give us a clue as to what is trending and how DJ's might be doing certain things. The catch for this is this; I have to rely on what they tell me, I am not able to see these professionals in action. I have to apply my judgement based on my experience as to whether or not something will work for me and the clients I serve. I could always just take their word for it. I don't like that. In fact most people wouldn't like this when something as important as life long memories are at stake.

I want to see and I want to know what these things look like when applied in the real world. I think that you should too! Trusting in advertising slogans and promises will not insure a successful event. You need to know what you are getting and you need to know that is a good fit for your personality and for the personality of the event itself. It is that simple. This my reasoning behind getting video clips of me in action. You get to hear my voice and get to see how events flow into one another without needing to been at an actual event. Of course it's even better if we happen to cross paths and be at a party where you get to see how much fun everyone is having with your own eyes. Until then, there is always Youtube.